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raku: (japanese) calm; ease. 

Nikki Horgan:  Founder & President

Nikki Horgan

I have a consummate wanderlust. I've lived in four countries on three continents, speak multiple languages, and got my graduate degree in the UK for production. I have lost count of how many countries I've visited. Immersing myself in a new culture, particularly if I don't speak the language, has always been one of my biggest intoxicants -- the more radical and foreign the region, the better, be it India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Canada, all over Europe, Mexico, Iceland, and the most foreign of all, the U.S. My contacts around the world range from royalty to corporate executives to musicians to surf legends.

This knack for problem solving, often under challenging conditions led me to a career in freelance executive assistance. After nearly a decade of working with executives in an on-demand capacity, I incorporated in 2008. Integrity, efficiency, discretion and absolute client-satisfaction are the foundations of Raku International.

Since then, I have helped countless professionals with their tasks, great and small. Just some of the things Raku has expedited are: relocation needs for expatriated families in several countries including school research and enrollment, short and long-term housing needs and cultural acclimation; exotic travel needs such as heli-skiing in the Himalayan Mountains, private invitation to the kingdom of Mynmar, a wedding at the top of Kalalau trail on Kauai's Napali Shore by helicopter; real estate specialties such as help with locating, building, remodeling, and creating the highest income potential for properties (see rakumanagement.com); human resource needs including headhunting and hiring staff and professionals; administrative needs including performing insurance audits for multiple home owners to establish best, most cost-effective options; bookkeeping assistance and virtual office conversions; project management of all sizes from construction and remodels, to corporate events, to destination family reunions; and acquisitions from clothing to classic cars to diamonds.

There really is nothing Raku can't handle. Most people have a deep disdain for detail work and planning. I thrive on it.

Kristin Peterson: Image Consultant and Luxury Lifestyle Manager

Kristin Peterson

Kristin Peterson brings an exciting niche to Raku International with her background in fashion, design, Image Consulting and executive assistance. She has worked with leading companies such as Morgan Stanley, Starworks, and Brodin Design and Build. She has experience assisting and image consulting for medical professionals, attorneys, entertainment executives, and professional athletes. She has become an in-demand, luxury life-style manager and executive concierge.

Image Consulting: So many people don’t realize how appearance and attitude affects the impression they leave, whether in professional or personal life. Your clothing and body language play a critical role in everything you do from dating to job interviews. Kristin helps her clients understand how to accentuate their best features and teaches them how to dress for their shape, size and lifestyle. Business casual, classic, formal or cutting-edge -- whatever the style, she can create or amend it. Your home, apartment or workplace is a reflection of who you are and the image you project. Kristin can consult on design and help create a space that is creative, comfortable and inviting. Social etiquette has become extremely important in this era of non-verbal communication, where people meet, conduct business and, indeed, date via text message, e-mail and other social media outlets. Have you ever sent a text to ask someone out or respond to a job question and wondered why it was ineffective? We can help you overcome these challenges and improve your image, communication, confidence and success across the board.

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